CommUNITY is one of our favorite words. We love our patients and LOVE our community. We visit local schools to educate on  importance of good dental hygiene and healthy habits. We believe that healthy foundations create bright futures. We love donating toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss to those less fortunate as everyone deserves the gift of health.

We donated over 1,100 toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to the SHP( Summit Helping its people) Santa Claus shop. #makingtheworldsmile


Ending our visit on a high note!


One of the softball teams we sponsored!



We love making your visits to the dentist EXTRA special with our furry friend, Callie. Our smallest team member is full of love, support, and  energy and is a certified therapy dog. She loves greeting, comforting, and checking in on patients.



Dr. Carter on…

Preparing your child for their first visit

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Sirius Radio

The best age to get braces



On the consequences of DIY braces


Candy Buy Back

Your Smile is your best fashion accessory

She was the MC at the AAO pop-up during fashion week!



As past president of the North Eastern Society of orthodontics,  represented over 1500 orthodontists in the North East and Canada advocating on behalf of the profession, patient’s insurance benefits, and providing orthodontics for those in need.




Dr. Carter frequently lectures nationally and internationally on many different topics sharing her wisdom with other professionals so every child can have the best care possible.




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