To our Carter Smile Family,
In an attempt to ensure safety for all of us, we kindly request every member of our Carter Smile Family follow the essential rules of our office.

Please be reminded, Governor Murphy has requested that everyone traveling outside of New Jersey must quarantine for 2 weeks. We are strictly enforcing this rule and will reschedule your appointment if you have traveled outside the state. Please be honest. By following the guidelines, we are keeping all of our patients and employees safe and out of harm’s way. Many of our patients are high risk, immunocompromised or have a household member who is high risk. It is our duty to mitigate risks and follow all CDC, ADA and OSHA guidelines.

Carter Smile rules are as follows:

-Please call us or text us from your car when you arrive. Please do not walk in.

-Please wear a mask at all times, regardless of your vaccination status.

-If you feel sick at any point prior to your appointment, please call to reschedule, we want everyone to stay healthy and decrease exposure to germs.

-Temperatures are taken on every person who enters our office. Checking patients in is a time consuming process. Please be patient.

-We kindly ask that only patients and one parent enter the office. (If your child is comfortable to enter alone, that is more than welcome.) Please do not bring siblings, additional family members or friends to appointments. While we usually love showing our office to others we will have to wait for those times to return in the future.

We need to maintain this protocol so our practice can remain open in order to serve you. We are all in this together and thank you for your patience.

Dr. Christina Carter and the Carter Smile Team.